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Evs Unity

Persons who have reached the age of majority in accordance with the legislation of the country of which they are citizens can participate in the EVS project.

The responsibility of the company:

Compliance with financial discipline, involving the timely accrual of dividends in accordance with the terms of EVSproject ensuring the uninterrupted operation of the site using technical and software methods; introduction of modern methods of personal data protection; creation of conditions for successful EVS project activity of clients, including information and technical support.

Members responsibility:

Create one account from one IP address;

Inadmissibility of creating an account using your own referral link;

Inadmissibility of any fraudulent actions that may cause financial or reputational damage to the company or other project participants. 

Registration on the company's website means automatic consent to the rules of cooperation, as well as free consent to the processing of personal data Participation in the affiliate program. Each Internet user can be our partner by attracting new members using their own referral link. By referring people to invest with EVS, referrals earn affiliate commission. There are no restrictions to the number of referrals a member can have. To create a network of referrals, you can use a personal blog, specialized forums, and pages in social networks and advertising campaigns in search engines. It is in your interest to attract as many users as possible to ensure the constant growth of your income.

Registration on the website is a compulsory procedure to participate in the EVS project. To open account, fill in your details in the registration form, putting your data and email address. It is also necessary to come up with a strong password that will ensure the security of your personal data and funds.

The deposit should correspond with the selected business plan, this determines the returns credited automatically to the account balance after the investment matures. Each investor has the right to choose the amount to invest.

Withdrawals are made by following the withdrawal process in the EVS account. To make this transaction, make sure that the amount in your account exceeds the minimum withdrawalamount of $20, which will be processed by the EVS financial team.

To participate in the affiliate program, you should use your unique referral link (you can find it in your EVS account) when advertising our company. Users who register with EVSthrough this link will automatically become your referrals, you will earn your referral commission from their deposit.

EVS accounts becomes dormant when its not activated a week after registration or two weeks of being inactive.

For further enquires, contact EVS live support

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